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6 Steps To Getting Started

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Follow the steps to get your account ready to go. The length of time it takes is dependent on your time, you can be up and running in a couple of hours or a week!

STEP 1 – Integrate Your Channels

The first steps you will need to undertake is choosing the channels you want to integrate into your quickdialog account. The channels that are available include: email, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Check out our product road page as we add new channels regularly!

Setting up your Email channel

Setting up your Facebook channel

Setting up your Twitter channel

Your Guide To Integrating WhatsApp

You can add and remove channels as you please, so no need to worry about missing channels out!

STEP 2 – Invite Your Team

Once you’ve integrated your channels, you’ll need to invite your team. Each team member is able to create their own login details and, as admin, you can decide what level of access they have using the permissions function.

How to create and manage user accounts

STEP 3 – Understanding Conversations

Once you have you channels integrated and have invited your team, you will see conversations starting to flow in and you are ready to go! The main inbox within Quickdialog uses various categorisations and icons to help you quickly understand the type and situation of each conversation. This includes which channel it is happening on, who it is assigned to and whether it has been replied to or not.

Understanding your main inbox

IMPORTANT: Quickdialog is a conversational platform NOT a ticketing system. This means that incoming messages either create a new conversation or are added to an existing conversation is the customer already has an open or pending conversation. This means that agents working on duplicate cases are never an issue and they always have full context of a customer’s situation!

STEP 4 – Automate Your Workflows

There are various automated functions you can put in place within Quickdialog to create an efficient, seamless experience for both your customers and your agents.

Create Assignment Workflows

Create conversation Topics

Create tags

This article has described the main functions and concepts of your Quickdialog. The platform is packed fulled of additional functions to help you manage conversations with your customers better!