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Create And Manage User Accounts

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You may only have one Quickdialog user or a whole team of sales, support and marketing staff using the platform. This guide tells you everything you need to know about adding new users, categorising users into teams and controlling access through permissions.

Every Quickdialog account will have an ADMIN user, this is the first account created upon registration. The ADMIN account is the owner of the platform and is able to use all functions with no restrictions. These include:

  1. Channels: Able to integrate all channels in their account
  2. Conversations: Able to view all conversations in their main inbox and assign to agents manually
  3. Workflows: Able to create assignment rules, topics and tags
  4. Reporting: Able to view aggregated view of all agent and conversation performance
  5. Broadcast: Able to send WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.

When creating new users, you can decide what level of visibility and access they get. More on that later.


You can create new users and manage their profiles through the Team Management configuration page.

Configuration > Team Management > Agents


You are then able to complete the profiles of your team. For each user, you need to add a profile picture, first name, last name, email address, designation and contact number. Make sure to tick the Account Is Active box. You can also add the level of permission they have – more on this in the next section.

Click SAVE.

Upon clicking save, a verification email will be sent to the email address of the user you have added. They will be asked to setup their login details and password.


You might want to restrict the level of access of particular users. For example, restricting the ability for particular users to access the configuration panel or assign conversations. You can add the permissions rule either when creating a new user or through editing the profile of existing users.

The types of permission rules that are available are:

  • Ability to view and use admin inbox
  • Ability to assign conversations
  • Ability to delete conversations
  • Ability to edit customer profile
  • Ability to view and use configuration page
  • Ability to send broadcast messages

To add permission rules for New Users simply click on the Permissions tab during user setup.

To add permission rules for Existing Users simply click on edit next to their profile in the agent table and amend Permission as you please.


Once you are up and running with Quickdialog, you will need to manage existing users. This could mean deleting profiles, updating contact details or adding them to automated workflows.

To edit existing user information or amend permission rules, you need to go to Configuration < Team Management < Agents page. Click on edit next to the profile of the user you want to edit, click save once you are happy.

Once your users are created, you can incorporate them in workflow rules. Check out our guide on creating workflow rules below.

Your Guide To Creating Workflows.