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Forwarding emails from cPanel

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Many web hosts use cPanel for their administrative backend. If that is true for your domain, you need to use cPanel’s forwarding feature to forward incoming messages.

Note: The cPanel interface differs a lot from host to host, so the location of each of these configuration options may vary.

To set up forwarding from cPanel:

STEP 1 – Navigate to your domain host’s cPanel login.

STEP 2 – Log in with an administrator account.

STEP 3 – Type Forwarders into the search bar, and go to the Forwarders page.

STEP 4 – Click the Add Forwarder button.

STEP 5 – In the Address to Forward text box, enter the first part of the email address you want to forward. For example, sales.

STEP 6 – In the Domain text box, select the domain for the address. 

STEP 7 – Under the Destination heading, select Forward to Email Address. 

STEP 8 – In the text box, enter your default Quickdialog support address: support@[yourcompany]

STEP 9 – Click the Add Forwarder button to start forwarding your messages.