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Create New Email Addresses

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This article provides instructions on how to create new email addresses directly from the Quickdialog platform using the domain created uniquely for your account.

Using Your Quickdialog Email

The support email address provided to you by Quickdialog follows the below format:


This email is configured in Quickdialog by default and you can use it to send and receive emails so that support teams can start providing support with no configuration required, so you can start using it right away.

However it is unlikely that one support email will suffice, particularly when you have many different departments and conversation types to deal with. For example the sales or billing teams. In these cases, it might be preferable to setup new email alias from your Quickdialog domain for example sales@[company]

Adding additional email from your Quickdialog domain

You can use your @[yourcompany} domain and create as many additional email addresses are you like. For example sales@[yourcompany} or billings@[yourcompany}

To apply automated business rules to these aliases make sure to register them within the email configuration panel via the ADD EMAIL button.

In many cases however, you will want to integrate emails from existing emails addresses that use external domains for example support@[]. There is a little more configuration required for this method, but it will let you send and receive emails using your external emails addresses from within Quickdialog.

In addition to creating new emails directly from Quickdialog, you can also forward your existing email addresses to the platform, check you our guide forwarding existing emails here.

How to forward existing email addresses from external domains