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Forward Existing Email Addresses From External Domains

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The Quickdialog platform allows you to create conversations from, and reply to, your existing support addresses using following domains: Office 365 / / Microsoft Exchange Server, cPanel, Gmail and Yahoo.

This guide will take you through the necessary steps needed to integrate email addresses from each domain.

STEP 1 (highly recommended)

Setting up two authentication tools on your email server to ensure that emails are delivered successfully: SPF and DKIM. Doing this ensure messages do not get caught in customers’ spam filters.

How to set up SPF Protection

How to enable DKIM Authentication

STEP 2 ( Required)

 Setup forwarding from your external domain (i.e. support@[yourcompany].com) into quickdialog. We have put together guides for you to follow for each external domain.

Office 365 / / Microsoft Exchange Server




STEP 3 (Required)

Make sure you have all the external email addresses you have configured have been added in the email configuration page. This will allow you to assign automated workflows to them. Simply click on ADD EMAIL and follow the required steps.

Once these steps have been completed and the integration tested, you are ready to go!