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Install Chat Widget On Shopify

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Your guide to installing your Quickdialog chat widget on your Shopify store.

Before Installation

Before you can install your chat widget onto your WordPress you’ll need the following:

1 – Access to your Shopify account.

2 – The web chat widget code snippet generated from your Quickdialog account

If you don’t have a web chat widget code snippet yet, you can create one by following the instructions in this article

< insert article>

Installing on Shopify

Step 1: Log in to Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account, click on Online Store (on the navigation bar).

Step 2: Click on Edit Code

Go to the Themes section, click on the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit Code option.

Step 3: Copy and pase your Quickdialog web chat script.

When you generate a web widget within your Quickdialog account, you will be given a plugin script which you you then need to paste into the appropriate folder Sections folder in Shopify.

Click the Sections folder to expand it, open the footer.liquid section and paste the web chat script.

Once you have pasted this script, click on the purple ‘Save‘ button (top left of page).

You’re done! The chat widget is now active on your site!