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Install Chat Widget On Wix

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Your guide to installing your Quickdialog chat widget on your Wix store.

Before Installation

Before you can install your chat widget onto your WordPress you’ll need the following:

1 – Access to your Wix account.

2- The web chat widget code snippet generated from your Quickdialog account

If you don’t have a web chat widget code snippet yet, you can create one by following the instructions in this article

< insert article>

Installing on Wix

Step 1 : Log in to your Wix Account

Step 2 : Add New Custom Code

Go To Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Tracking and Analytics -> + New Tool -> Custom

Step 3: Add your Quickdialog Webchat code .

Add your Quickdialog Webchat code snippet in the ‘Paste the code snippet here‘ section.

Step 4 : Complete the form.

Step 5 : Click Apply.

You’re done! The chat widget is now active on your site!