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Working With Conversations

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This article talks about conversations types, replying and assigning conversations, and more.


When a conversation is created from any channel, it is added to the main admin inbox and , if an automatic assignment rule is activated, the inbox of the assigned user. The main inbox categorises conversations based on pre configured criteria. These are:

  • Open: All conversations that have been created but not replied to.
  • Pending: All conversations that have replied to but not marked resolved.
  • Resolved: All conversations that have been marked resolved.
  • Deleted: All conversations that have been deleted.
  • Unassigned: All conversations that have not been assigned to a user.

Note: it is possible for a conversation to be in both the unassigned folder and in open / pending folders/

These folders allow admin users to better monitor conversations to no query is missed or unresolved.


A situation overview in for each conversation is given in the main inbox, to users can quickly identify what the conversation relates to ( through topics), keywords used (through tags), who the conversation is assigned to (through agent image) and whether the consumer has replied (through the reply icon).


There are various ways to assign conversations within your account. This can be done automatically through work the assignment workflow, or manually from the main inbox or agent chat screen.

Automated assignment can be done in two way: through using a Quickdialog pre-configured rule such as Round Robin or through creating custom assignment rules through the assignment wizards.

Using Pre-configured Assignment Workflows

Creating Custom Assignment Worklows

Assigning conversations manually can be done in two ways: from the main inbox or from the chat screen.

From the main inbox, users can click on the assign button on the right hand side of the conversation box and select the user they want to assign the conversation to from the drop down. Once selected the conversation will be added the Pending Conversation section of that agents chat screen.

Users are also able to manually assign conversations from their chat screen even if the conversation has already been assigned to them. This is useful when, for example, a conversation goes from being support based to sales based. The support user is able to re-assign the conversation to the sales user. To do this, a user can click the assign button on the chat screen and select the user they want to assign the conversation to in the dropdown.

Note: If no users are added to your account you will not be able to assign conversations.


Conversations can be managed from the users chat screen. From this screen, users can either reply via the channel that the conversation was initiated from, or via a channel that is stored against the customer’s profile. For example, if a customer initiates a conversation via Facebook Messenger, a user can reply via Facebook Messenger. However if there is an email address stored against that customer’s profile, a user can also email them (using an email address they have configured in their account).

The channels that are available to reply from for each conversations are listed next to the send button. Simply click on the channel you want the reply to be sent from and click send.