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Your Guide To Message Templates

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Message Templates are pre-approved messages that you can use to send to your customers ( i.e. outbound communications). They need to be submitted for approval by WhatsApp before they can be used. Once approved, they can be used for one off WhatsApp campaigns or as automated notifications.

How to add Message Templates

As part of your Quickdialog subscription, you are able to register 5 Message Templates. This can be done by either emailing or through you Quickdialog account.

To register a Message Template via your Quickdialog account, go to Broadcast Hub < WhatsApp < Setup < Click Add Message Template.

Our support team will then qualify your Message Template and submit to WhatsApp for approval. Once approved it will be made available to use for WhatsApp campaigns.

Message Template Guidelines

To ensure that your Message Templates are approved by WhatsApp and made available within your Quickdialog platform, make sure you follow their guidelines – accessible here.

Once you have your Message Templates approved and available in Quickdialog, you are ready to start creating WhatsApp campaigns (see our guide below).

Creating WhatsApp Campaigns